Marisa is the CEO and Founder of Marisa Bailey Coaching. She is a certified Authentic Leadership Coaching, trained and certified in Emotional Intelligence and has extensive professional experience building and leading teams, business development and process optimization. She is personally fascinated and continues to educate herself on the science of the brain, psychology, and the science of well-being.  Marisa works with individuals to help them confidently build and scale a business based on the foundation of their core values.

Her approach includes value identification, vision embodiment, and aligned strategy. She believes when all 3 fundamentals are centered, we all have the ability to create a life and business full of abundance, fulfillment, and integrity.

She is here to help you unravel your limiting beliefs through mindset coaching and create an unshakable business foundation through aligned strategy. Simply said, she is the person you hire when you are tired of wishing and waiting and ready to start being all you are meant to be.



Kind Words from Clients

  • I met Marisa via an engagement pod and didn’t really watch IGTV videos until one day when at a some what low point in my day, I saw a video from Marisa. It was hosted on IGTV talking about all things, take the leap, risks are there so we can test ourselves and come out of our shell so to speak” and it spoke to me! I had received an email from a networking group I am a part of earlier that day asking me to give a talk during one of their monthly seminars, something I would not dream of doing or have the guts to do! I am that afraid of public speaking! However, listening to Marisa speak about the positive outcomes from taking that leap and trusting the universe to give you everything you need when you need it, I took the leap, said yes to the speaking engagement and am now booked for 3 more throughout the new year! Thank you Marisa for putting out such positive vibes and encouragement! It helps tremendously!

    Aneesa Janering
  • Coaching with Marisa and MPower has helped provide clarity and a true pathway for me. She helped me realize my true potential and what I really wanted out of my career. She made me realize that I can achieve my goals and dreams. She helped me gain confidence in ways that I didn’t realize I was lacking. I have been able to take the steps necessary to help me down the pathway of realizing my dream and potential. I am so incredibly thankful for her guidance and support!

  • Working with Marisa has been a continuous process of self-discovery and challenging my limiting beliefs. She knows when to push or when to lighten the mood. I always know that she has my best interest in mind, and I love the way she supports and encourages while still holding me accountable for my commitments. She was able to connect several different challenges I was facing back to a central theme, which enabled me to shift how I perceived those challenges. I’m so grateful for the time I’ve been able to spend talking with her and all the growth I’ve experienced with her support.



1:1 private coaching (options listed on Work With Me Page), Join the Too Bold To Be Bored 3-month program; Join my free private Facebook community

Available for private clients (3 and 6 month contracts) and Too Bold To Be Bored Program. Payment plans are discussed and outlined in the terms and agreement of contracts. Please contact us to learn more.

Yes, MBC offers group coaching for groups of 2-4. This is a recommended option for small teams, business partners, or friends who are collaborating on a project. Please contact us for more details to see if this is a good fit for you

Clarity and a deeper understanding of who you are and what you believe, what your passions are, self-compassion practices, and a roadmap with tangible and clear action steps to guide and support you towards achieving your life goals.

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