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  • You’re a Masterpiece

    I am not the artist holding the paintbrush in anyone else’s life.

    I am making my own piece of art, which is my life.

    My sister-in-law has this incredible response to some things and moments in life that the first time I ever heard her say it, I was hooked. I loved the visual it gave.

    “A bit of texture.”

    I couldn’t figure out why I loved that descriptor so much. Yesterday while looking at the beautiful piece of art by Heather Eck named “Hallelujah”, I finally got it.

    Our lives are all blank canvases which God, The Universe, whatever you may, is providing the brushes and choosing which strokes, colors, depths,and textures to put where and when. There are so many textures to life, if you really think about it. Hard brush strokes, soft, elegant, splattered, rough, sharp, crisp, bumpy, smooth, the list goes on. Our canvas is renewed every single day. Our colors are replenished.

    Our textures are different.


    Art is present everywhere in life. It’s a descriptor of so many things, yet we judge it so harshly sometimes. The “struggling artist” will never make it is an all too well-known judgement. The way I see it, we are all artists- every single one of us. We are artists of our lives creating masterpieces as we live out the texture placed on our canvases.

    We are all Artists mastering our crafts.

    • Art of marriage
    • Art of being a parent
    • Art of problem solving
    • Art of unknown
    • Art of creating a business
    • Art of being a friend
    • Art of making decisions
    • Art of relationships
    • Art of growing
    • Art of feeling
    • Art of humanness
    • Art of failing
    • Art of learning
    • Art of persevering
    • Art of believing in ourselves
    • Art of loving
    • Art of moving forward
    • Art of pause
    • Art of laughing
    • Art of supporting
    • Art of flourishing


    Take a step back today and look at and embrace all of the textures of life. The smooth shades of blues blending together with bright whites to create the picture of peace in your life. The yellows, oranges, and whites layering on top of one another in an acrylic way forming a jagged mountain texture that may at first feel uncomfortable and hard, but when perceived differently, is a beautiful new sunrise presenting a new opportunity for you to create.

    The swirls of all pinks, purples, blue, green, gold, and flakes of glitter colliding in ways that at first make no sense, yet when perceived through a new lens, create the feeling of peace, celebration, tranquility and clarity.

    We are all artists in our own way. Our lives are canvases for God, The Univerise, etc. to create the masterpiece that is us.

    Embrace the textures. Learn from them. Observe them. Listen to and feel them. Love them and display them proudly in your gallery of life.

    Art by Heather Eck

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  • GUEST POST: Simple Practices to Welcome your Inner Child Back Into your Life

    Women have been conditioned that we need to do it all. We need to have it all together. All the time. 

    We need to do all the tasks. We need to be superwoman. We have been so conditioned to do it all for everyone except for ourselves. We have been tasked with making sure everyone else is having fun except for us. Somewhere along the process we as women learned that fun is not for us. That life isn’t fun, and that fun really is only reserved for special occasions, for children, and for particular moments in time, but never everyday life.

    When we learn to welcome our inner child back into our lives, we welcome fun along with them. As an inner child healer and guide, I am a big believer that life should be f*cking fun every single damn day with no ifs, ands, or buts. 

    When we welcome fun into our lives, we welcome joy, pleasure, ease, and abundance. 

    Which are ALL things we could use more of.

    Our inner child is always a part of us. They are always there; they are just waiting for you to listen and nourish them. When we begin to listen to our inner child we are asking them to help us learn to have fun, experience joy, and pleasure all with EASE.

    Think about it, when was the last time that fun came EASILY to you? Like it did when you were a kid?

    I want to help you fix that with these simple practices that help you welcome your inner child back into your life:

    Read a Fiction Book:

    I know that self-help book or that finance book that’s next on your list, that you’re sure is going to fix all your problems is probably great! But when was the last time you read a book that was pure FUN? Like about mermaids, and dragons, and love? Take some time to read a book like that.

    Have a Dance Party or Play with a Hula Hoop:

    If you go on Instagram everyone and their mom will tell you to dance it out, and there is a good reason! It’s because it will boost your energy like no other and make you feel so good! What if you don’t feel comfortable dancing though? My recommendation is to start with a hula hoop! You can get one for under $5 at any store like Walmart. Turn on some music and hula hoop in the comfort of your home and work up to feeling comfortable enough to dance! When you’re a kid you have no fear about dancing or playing wherever you are and embodying that energy with either of these practices is a good start.


    Coloring is one of the best ways to relax your nervous system and allow yourself to have some fun. As a kid I was always a “practical” colorer, meaning that I always wanted everything to be the color it would be in real life. As an adult I have loosened my reigns on what each picture is supposed to look like and I allow myself to color like a toddler would! Not caring about the lines, not caring what color goes where, just having pure fun. Coloring is a great way to let your inner child know that it is safe to create and peek back out into the world.

    Playing Outside:

    Nature truly is the best medicine and there is a reason children are so drawn to the outside world! Playing outside gives you a boost of endorphins allowing JOY to surface seamlessly. Doing an activity that you loved as a child, as an adult, carries so much weight and allows you to break free from the pattern you may have settled in. Waking up, going to work, coming home, etc. Allowing yourself to be outside and with nature is an amazing way to break up your day and welcome fun, joy, and ease into your world. Some of my favorite activities are going for walks, playing with my dogs outside, riding a bike, going out to pick flowers/weeds, watching the sunrise or sunset, and sitting in the grass!

    Having a Tea Party (Even if it is by yourself!):

    Sitting down for tea is an amazing way to nourish and support your inner child. Children of all ages, genders, and walks of life have tea parties and sit with their imagination. Make yourself a cup of your favorite tea and have a tea party! Allow your inner child to come through with every sip and allow your imagination to soar. You can even get all dressed up and make the experience even more fun, but this practice is meant to connect you to the simplest pleasures in life!

    Building or Creating something with your Hands:

    Children are always using their hands to make, create, or build something that brings them joy. When was the last time you used your hands to do the same? When we become “adults” we often lose the connection we have with our body to create. Building and creating with your hands is a super easy practice to welcome fun and joy and pleasure with ease, especially since this comes so naturally to us as a human. I love playing with Legos, clay, sand, paints, flowers, wood, etc. to build or create something new!

    Inner Child Healer, Guide, Coach, etc. helping entrepreneurs welcome their inner kid back into their business and life to promote play, fun, and JOY.

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  • GUEST POST: My house, my rules: create the rules for your business

    The first time I stepped into a corporate office I had dreams that I could change things.

    Aren’t we all idealists right out of college?

    I would add color and graphics and inspiration to my PowerPoint slides, but inevitably, they were “revised” to the standard blue, gray, black, white. Over and over and over again. For almost a decade.

    I felt like my brain was in a straight jacket. At first it was confusing, restrictive, frustrating. But over time you get used to living like that. You get used to living with the discomfort. I got used to living with it.

    For years I was trained to separate the two parts of myself:

    imaginative, playful, childlike creative vs. hard-working, linear, thoughtful producer.

    At work I could only show up as the producer. There were expectations put on me that I had to follow in order to be “successful.” I used so much of my left-brain from 9 to 5 I couldn’t even find the discipline to use the right-side when I left the office.

    I was trained to believe:

    Business = slides, spreadsheets, check-lists, always being late to meetings…


    I adore coaching. It feeds my soul in ways I can’t even describe. But when I put it in the “business box” in my head, it became this system that felt a whole lot like a stuffy, old financial company.

    I put rules around what I had to do or couldn’t do. I saw deviation as failure.

    • Wait, you didn’t post seven times this week? Failure.
    • You didn’t use any buzz words in that copy? Failure.
    • You didn’t stick to your prescribed color pallet? Failure

    And you know what happened? I felt like shit. I felt uncertain and confused and restricted and lost. Don’t get me wrong, I was really good at faking it – pretending that I had my shit together and was doing #allthethings. The reality: I lay in bed every night wondering if I would ever be legit enough to leave my day job or if I was even good enough to try.

     It took a LONG time to unlearn things.

    It took several incredible and vulnerable coaching moments.

    It took slowly pulling bricks down from the wall between my creator side and my producer side.

    It took realizing that I am 100% all in with my business, which means that 100% of ME needs to show up. No one wants to hang out with producer-only-Anna. She’s super boring – trust me. Creator-only-Anna would probably forget to show up at all.

    Creative and thoughtful, messy-fierce, organized-chaos Anna? She’s pretty damn awesome.

    So let mine be a cautionary tale.

    You are a whole and complicated person. You have been living with a certain set of rules that had to be followed in order for you to succeed. Your behavior was shaped by what allowed you to win in the past.

    But here’s the magic: My house, my rules.

    • If I want to start every day with crayons? I do.
    • If I want to swear in my copy? I’ll drop F-bombs whenever I feel like it.
    • If I want to share all my book-nerd recommendations? I do so without worrying about whether I’m too much.

    No one, not even your past-self, gets to limit how you do your heart’s work. You make the rules.

    There are approximately eight billion different ways to do this.

    Create YOUR way. 

    “Divine Communication Specialist" who helps women make sense of their journey, gain clarity in their life and use that to make their dreams happen.

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  • Pride? I’ll Come Back for That

    I fell down my front porch concrete steps a few days ago.

    It happened in slow motion. Not like a graceful movie slow motion, but more of an “I knew I should have gotten life-alert” moment. As soon as I hit the pavement, I laid there for a moment.

    Immediately my hip, knee, and ankle said: “good luck getting up from this one.”

    Now, if you know me well, you also know “Janet.” If you don’t know me well, stay tuned for another blog with details on who/what Janet is. For the sake of time here, a quick intro to Janet.

    She’s my ego.

    The one who pops up in my mind and tells me I’m crazy for wanting me to take a risk, tells me to shut the door of opportunity when it comes knocking, oftentimes makes things feel impossible or so much harder than they really may be.

    Janet and I had a moment as I was lying on the pavement. She immediately wanted me to start crying before checking if I could move, cancel my plans for the next month, shut down my business, and move to Europe. See? She LOVES to go to the worst-case scenarios and make up irrational solutions.

    I have worked really hard to learn how to put Janet on mute when necessary.

    Back to reality, on the pavement, 3 bags strewn across the porch (I’m from the midwest, we DON’T make more than one trip to the car), I told Janet to pause and asked myself,

    “Marisa, can you move?”

    Ankle- check, hip intact- check, pride- I’ll come back to that later.

    Into the house, I wobbled. I got to the bottom of the stairs and yelled for Matt.

    He was doing his usual morning routine of showering while listening to his podcast on volume five-thousand, you know, in case the neighbourhood wants to tune in.

    I yelled three times and there comes Janet, tap tappin’ me on the shoulder.

    “You know, Marisa- you wouldn’t have fallen if Matt’s podcast wasn’t so loud. If he would have walked you out to your car like a toddler, you would be just fine. CLEARLY you should blame him.”

    I went from fine to mad, frustrated, crying, pointing the finger, to WTF, breathe, laugh, and fine again, all in a span of maybe 20 seconds.

    Once I was able to tell Janet to go outside and track down my pride, I collected myself.

    Have I been in physical pain for the last few days? Yes.

    Am I okay? Yes.

    I share all of this because it relates to life.

    My fall was clear as day a sign to slow down and trust more.

    You see, I started my morning by waking up at 4 AM because my mind was racing. What if this, what if that, I need to do this, I need to do that, not enough, do more…

    I wrote in my journal that morning as if it was a TASK, not something I enjoyed.

    I went to the gym and tried to find every song possible to distract myself from the joy I received from moving and pushing my body.

    I packed three bags because I knew I was going to be on the go for the rest of the day and there would be no time to slow down.

    I stepped out my front door so quickly and tripped because the Universe said no, slow down- stop trying to control.

    I’ve fallen harder physically, emotionally, and mentally so many times in my life. And look, here I am because I chose to get back up.

    Has the climb up always been easy? No.

    Have I tried to blame others for my falls? Duh.

    Have I learned more than I even realize? Yes.

    Will I fall again? Of course.

    Falling, failing, surrendering, and standing back up don’t HAVE to be graceful or limited.

    They don’t HAVE to be immediate.

    The only thing I hope you make sure if is that each of these is FOR YOU.

    Falling can be scary, unexpected, and so damn frustrating. Slow down, pay attention, and be present.

    God, the Universe, or whatever resonates with you is moving you at the pace you are meant to move. Trust.

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  • Go Easy On Yourself

    “Perfectionism is a bitch” (as I just went back and edited that sentence almost taking the curse word out).

    How many of you can agree with that statement?

    I’m sure many of you reading this that you just mentally flung your hands in the air or actually physically raised your hand. I did both.

    What is perfectionism?

    It’s that ugly monster that is coming full speed ahead in your rear view mirror to side swipe you while you’re on your path of life doing your best.

    It’s the knee-jerk reaction to remove a curse word from a sentence because you’re worried about judgement.

    Perfectionism is an endless report card of accomplishments, looks, goals, what-if’s , promotions, more money, more fame, more skewing of reality.

    Perfectionism has kept me from writing this blog for days, for launching this website for months, and for embracing who I really am, for years. I’m here to tell you, it can be beaten.

    My entire life, I have played the comparison game to others. Don’t get me wrong, I have had and continue to still have a damn good life, however, who doesn’t compare themselves to others at some point?

    When I was little, why was my hair curly and not straight like my best friends? In middle school, why doesn’t my crush like me back? What’s wrong with me? Playing high school volleyball, why can’t I serve like she can? In college, why don’t I understand this class like everyone else?

    More recently scrolling through social media, why can’t I travel for a living like this ‘perfect 5 ‘7 tall blonde who has that perfect tan? Why can’t I be a successful international speaker?

    Why don’t I have a best selling book? Why don’t I have pore less skin? Why why why.

    I’ll tell you why.

    Because my life, is my life.

    There is no reason why I can’t be any of those things (except pore less skin, that’s just not scientifically possible).

    I had a miraculous last few years of my life. If you know me, and I’ll get into the details later in another post so you can get to know me, but for now, one may say that from 2014-2017 was my own personal shit show.

    It seemed like potholes were just showing up after an earthquake on my path and I kept tripping over them.

    I cried, I fought, I blamed others, blamed myself, blamed my job etc.

    It wasn’t up until late 2018 that I finally decided to kick my perfection drenched, inner-critic out the door.

    Of course this happened over night and I woke up and everything was fine.


    This took years of practice, patience, struggle, joy, hard conversations, tough decisions, celebrations, you name it, I felt it.

    I felt it.

    Really take that sentence in.

    Allow yourself to feel. Give yourself space to feel your feelings and really dig in and process your happiness, joy, celebrations, grief, anger, etc. When you start to do this, I promise you you will start taking down your inner critic piece by piece.

    I cannot explain the amount of joy I have felt each day in one way or another since I don’t worry about being someone else’s definition of “perfect”.

    I am much more mindful of existing, carry myself confidently, speak authentically, allow myself to say no to things that don’t bring me joy, am selfish with my time and the people I let into my life and graceful with the ones who exit.

    I say all of this to you to simply let you know that it’s OK to be exactly where you are and who you are right now.


    Because you are perfect the way you are.

    Take a moment today to look yourself in the mirror.

    When you do, be kind, proud, and easy on yourself. This is your life, you’ve earned moments of joy, passion, peace, and celebration of self!

    Confidence Coach. Avid believer in self. Creator.Lover of taking action. Helping women create a life they love of "freedom to" instead of "freedom from."
    Marisa Bailey
    Owner & CEO, MPower Coaching

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  • What do you mean this doesn’t happen overnight?

    A total rip of the word “Empower”. You’d be surprised (or maybe not) that this actually is not how I came up with the name of my business. Like any other blogger, business owner, or normal human being that sets insane expectations of oneself, I have been trying to think and force a name on my business for a year. I would wake up and say out loud “OK, today is the day, give me a sign of what my brand and business are!”

    In my mind at the time, that actually meant that some magical… thing, was going to knock on my door and hand me a nicely prepared business plan with my logo, name, colors, content and loyal followers.

    Little did I know, this actually meant that

    I needed to get really real with myself,

    and pay attention to what ignites me, what resonates with me, what I get excited about, and do the hard work.

    People in my life and even those who I have encountered for a short time have asked me, “What do you really want to do? What’s your passion?”

    My initial reaction a few years ago was that I obviously thought they were crazy for asking me such questions because I was comfortable where I was at. I had an almost seemingly perfect set up from the outside. I was working with an amazing team, was presented with challenges, had all of the free snacks and food one could ever imagine just a few steps away from my office, a slide in my building to get from the second floor to the first, steady income, bought one of my dream cars, etc.

    What more could I ever need?

    As time went on, I began to ask myself the same questions. What do I really want to do? What am I passionate about. The answers came to me in ways that now when I look back, I laugh at how naive I was to all of the “signs” right in front of my face that I had been asking for.

    My answer started changing once I started to dig deep and become more clear on what it is I “wanted to do with my life.

    I want to empower people to dig really deep, find their inner badass that can do anything they set their mind to. To become best friends with that discovered badass, pep talk it every single day, nourish it with knowledge, good food, passion, and let it know that there isn’t anything that it isn’t worthy of. Empower, empower,empower…

    It started showing up every..where..

    Reading my favorite daily newsletter, “empower”, shamelessly giving in to the Target dollar aisle, “empower”, rolled out my yoga mat that I’ve had for 2+ years and never noticed in the top right hand corner.. “Empower”. The word was literally everywhere. Did I pay attention? No. I was too busy perusing Pinterest for some flashy, unique word in Latin that would speak to me (but no one else would ever have any idea how to say it, bright, I know).

    One day, while being completely fed up with that fact that my ego was now throwing a huge party and inviting it’s friends to both of my shoulders while hanging up streamers that read “you can’t do this”

    I finally put up my white flag and let go of control

    and almost instantaneously, empower showed up again. I stopped for a moment and thought back to what my life’s mission is. I (Marisa) want to empower others. Marisa, empower. MPower. Boom. Done. I now have a name, a brand, a concrete thing that speaks to me and sends my message.

    We are all a work in progress every single second or our every day.

    In moments that feel overwhelming, impossible, ridiculous, boring, exhausting, whatever it may be, I encourage you to pause. Simply sit in the moment and be with your best friend, you. Pep talk your best friend and let it be known that you are in control of your life, your happiness, and your fulfillment.

    The very thing that you chose to do this next second is up to you.

    There is no shame in letting your guard down, asking for help, and being patient with your process.

    Trust in the fact that what will be, will be. Even though I didn’t have the magical business plan making elf show up at my door, I have my frustrating, tiring, ever so worth it, journey and lessons learned that continuously amp me up every single day to continue building my empire, brick by brick.

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