Tired of feeling like you are all over the place with your business? Have no idea who your niche or ideal client is? Unsure of what you have to have in place to get your business going?

I’ve got you covered! I’m giving you my exact methods and checklists that have enabled me to book dream clients, sell out programs, and confidently build and protect my business. 

Bold Business Bundle includes the formula I’ve created to identify your niche and detailed training on how to use it. You can use the formula to identify who your ideal client is for every single offer and service you create. The bundle also includes an extensive checklist of items to begin building your business with a solid foundation. This includes marketing, website, branding, time saving apps, legal and financial tips to be aware of and MORE.

This bundle is a combination of all of the things I have personally used and how I teach my clients to confidently build a thriving and sustainable business!

  1. Bold Online Business Plan
  2. Name Your Niche in 2 Days training
  3. Find your SOUL client Workbook
  4. Online Business Basic Checklist

You don’t have to figure all of the little and big details out on your own and hope that you’ve got them all covered. I’ve done that for you with this bundle.

Imagine, this is an investment NOW that will save you SO much time and money later with the tips and strategies I teach and give you in the content!