When it comes to creating content, do you feel stuck, awkward, unsure of what to create to convert in the ways you really want?

Are you tired of spending hours and hours creating Instagram posts only to hear crickets? Do you feel awkward trying to force engagement in your Facebook group? Do you have something you have been wanting to share so badly but are unsure how to get it out there without confusing your audience or getting the intention across?

I get it.. I’ve been there. Creating a Facebook community only to be one of the few who would engage and seemingly having conversations with myself. Spending HOURS creating Instagram posts with no real return on my energy, time, and resource investments. Receiving messages from people and immediately feeling “oh crap…I have to try and nuture this relationship… What does that even mean?! How do I respond? Is this awkward for them too? Do I sell to them?” *runs away*

It wasn’t until I set firm boundaries around content creation, understood the intentions of each piece of content, and remembered we are all human and approached content creation from a humanistic perspective (aka, how would I want to have a real conversation with someone?) that I was able to double the growth of my Facebook community, create content reaching over 20k with over 900+ likes and engagements on one single post, and have ideal clients messaging me reguarly wanting to work with me or have authentic, fun, and inspirational conversations that convert.

In the “How to Create Content Without Burning Out” workbook, I share the exact questions I asked myself to get real with what the goal of my content was. I am giving you the exact strategies I use in my business to create content that not only converts, but also feels really energizing and empowering to create (no more hustling to create just for the sake of it).

If you’re tired of being tired of creating content that isn’t converting, staring at your screen hoping for a magical download that everyone else seems to  be having to only be staring at your screen an hour later- this is for you. It’s time to take control of your time, no longer spin your tires when it comes to creating content, and honor your time and energy by making content creation a money making activity instead of something you feel like you HAVE to do because everyone else is.