Sound familiar? 

You are driven, inspired, & excited when you think of building your own business… but confusion & lack of confidence are keeping you stuck…

You are passionate about helping others and dream of creating a business that adds value to the life of others but aren’t sure where to begin…

You are struggling to clarify what your passion or idea is and how to turn it into a real business. 

You think of starting, but the fear of failure, feelings of overwhelm, and uncertainty of what to call yourself holds you back while wondering if there are already too many coaches and consultants?  

Learn how to overcome this with 5 step method taught to my clients and personally implemented in my life and business to confidently step away from being an employee and becoming an energized and sought after entrepreneur!

This is the exact method that enabled me to call in 5-figure months in my business, have multiple posts go viral, and become a leader in the coaching industry.  

"Get ready for your new lease on life, friends. This experience can be a complete self-discovery if you fully commit to the process. So far, I have reclaimed my relationship with health, realized connections between parts of my life & business ideas I thought had to be separate, & gained a community of inspiring, incredible women who see me for my fullest potential. I’ve gained a level confidence and comfort with my authentic self that I didn’t realize was possible or that I desperately needed. Honestly, this experience has set me up to be my best, truest self and I’m now imagining a future I didn’t know could be real. Invest in yourself and find YOUR magic!"
Kendall Barger

In this FREE Masterclass you will learn:

3 of the most common mistakes or strategies most entrepreneurs who make the transition from employee to entrepreneur make and how to avoid them.

My simple 5 step process to go from employee to purpose-driven entrepreneur by eliminating the guesswork and removing the hustle. 

How to overcome the fear of “what if” when it comes to stepping away from the comfort of your day job and create a exit strategy tailored to your goals and begin taking action today towards becoming the boss you know you’re meant to be.



1:1 private coaching (options listed on Work With Me Page), Join the Too Bold To Be Bored 3-month program; Join my free private Facebook community

Available for private clients (3 and 6 month contracts) and Too Bold To Be Bored Program. Payment plans are discussed and outlined in the terms and agreement of contracts. Please contact us to learn more.

Yes, MBC offers group coaching for groups of 2-4. This is a recommended option for small teams, business partners, or friends who are collaborating on a project. Please contact us for more details to see if this is a good fit for you

Clarity and a deeper understanding of who you are and what you believe, what your passions are, self-compassion practices, and a roadmap with tangible and clear action steps to guide and support you towards achieving your life goals.

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