• You’re a Masterpiece

    I am not the artist holding the paintbrush in anyone else’s life.

    I am making my own piece of art, which is my life.

    My sister-in-law has this incredible response to some things and moments in life that the first time I ever heard her say it, I was hooked. I loved the visual it gave.

    “A bit of texture.”

    I couldn’t figure out why I loved that descriptor so much. Yesterday while looking at the beautiful piece of art by Heather Eck named “Hallelujah”, I finally got it.

    Our lives are all blank canvases which God, The Universe, whatever you may, is providing the brushes and choosing which strokes, colors, depths,and textures to put where and when. There are so many textures to life, if you really think about it. Hard brush strokes, soft, elegant, splattered, rough, sharp, crisp, bumpy, smooth, the list goes on. Our canvas is renewed every single day. Our colors are replenished.

    Our textures are different.


    Art is present everywhere in life. It’s a descriptor of so many things, yet we judge it so harshly sometimes. The “struggling artist” will never make it is an all too well-known judgement. The way I see it, we are all artists- every single one of us. We are artists of our lives creating masterpieces as we live out the texture placed on our canvases.

    We are all Artists mastering our crafts.

    • Art of marriage
    • Art of being a parent
    • Art of problem solving
    • Art of unknown
    • Art of creating a business
    • Art of being a friend
    • Art of making decisions
    • Art of relationships
    • Art of growing
    • Art of feeling
    • Art of humanness
    • Art of failing
    • Art of learning
    • Art of persevering
    • Art of believing in ourselves
    • Art of loving
    • Art of moving forward
    • Art of pause
    • Art of laughing
    • Art of supporting
    • Art of flourishing


    Take a step back today and look at and embrace all of the textures of life. The smooth shades of blues blending together with bright whites to create the picture of peace in your life. The yellows, oranges, and whites layering on top of one another in an acrylic way forming a jagged mountain texture that may at first feel uncomfortable and hard, but when perceived differently, is a beautiful new sunrise presenting a new opportunity for you to create.

    The swirls of all pinks, purples, blue, green, gold, and flakes of glitter colliding in ways that at first make no sense, yet when perceived through a new lens, create the feeling of peace, celebration, tranquility and clarity.

    We are all artists in our own way. Our lives are canvases for God, The Univerise, etc. to create the masterpiece that is us.

    Embrace the textures. Learn from them. Observe them. Listen to and feel them. Love them and display them proudly in your gallery of life.

    Art by Heather Eck

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