A total rip of the word “Empower”. You’d be surprised (or maybe not) that this actually is not how I came up with the name of my business. Like any other blogger, business owner, or normal human being that sets insane expectations of oneself, I have been trying to think and force a name on my business for a year. I would wake up and say out loud “OK, today is the day, give me a sign of what my brand and business are!”

In my mind at the time, that actually meant that some magical… thing, was going to knock on my door and hand me a nicely prepared business plan with my logo, name, colors, content and loyal followers.

Little did I know, this actually meant that

I needed to get really real with myself,

and pay attention to what ignites me, what resonates with me, what I get excited about, and do the hard work.

People in my life and even those who I have encountered for a short time have asked me, “What do you really want to do? What’s your passion?”

My initial reaction a few years ago was that I obviously thought they were crazy for asking me such questions because I was comfortable where I was at. I had an almost seemingly perfect set up from the outside. I was working with an amazing team, was presented with challenges, had all of the free snacks and food one could ever imagine just a few steps away from my office, a slide in my building to get from the second floor to the first, steady income, bought one of my dream cars, etc.

What more could I ever need?

As time went on, I began to ask myself the same questions. What do I really want to do? What am I passionate about. The answers came to me in ways that now when I look back, I laugh at how naive I was to all of the “signs” right in front of my face that I had been asking for.

My answer started changing once I started to dig deep and become more clear on what it is I “wanted to do with my life.

I want to empower people to dig really deep, find their inner badass that can do anything they set their mind to. To become best friends with that discovered badass, pep talk it every single day, nourish it with knowledge, good food, passion, and let it know that there isn’t anything that it isn’t worthy of. Empower, empower,empower…

It started showing up every..where..

Reading my favorite daily newsletter, “empower”, shamelessly giving in to the Target dollar aisle, “empower”, rolled out my yoga mat that I’ve had for 2+ years and never noticed in the top right hand corner.. “Empower”. The word was literally everywhere. Did I pay attention? No. I was too busy perusing Pinterest for some flashy, unique word in Latin that would speak to me (but no one else would ever have any idea how to say it, bright, I know).

One day, while being completely fed up with that fact that my ego was now throwing a huge party and inviting it’s friends to both of my shoulders while hanging up streamers that read “you can’t do this”

I finally put up my white flag and let go of control

and almost instantaneously, empower showed up again. I stopped for a moment and thought back to what my life’s mission is. I (Marisa) want to empower others. Marisa, empower. MPower. Boom. Done. I now have a name, a brand, a concrete thing that speaks to me and sends my message.

We are all a work in progress every single second or our every day.

In moments that feel overwhelming, impossible, ridiculous, boring, exhausting, whatever it may be, I encourage you to pause. Simply sit in the moment and be with your best friend, you. Pep talk your best friend and let it be known that you are in control of your life, your happiness, and your fulfillment.

The very thing that you chose to do this next second is up to you.

There is no shame in letting your guard down, asking for help, and being patient with your process.

Trust in the fact that what will be, will be. Even though I didn’t have the magical business plan making elf show up at my door, I have my frustrating, tiring, ever so worth it, journey and lessons learned that continuously amp me up every single day to continue building my empire, brick by brick.